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Tattooists and Beauty Clinics

Tattooists & Beauty Clinics

Clinical Waste Management for Tattooists and Beauty Clinics

We understand that specialist waste from tattooists and beauty clinics requires both suitable handling and disposal to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation. We offer a range of clinical waste disposal products for you that segregate waste at the source of disposal and reduce the risk to you and your staff.

Reliable clinical waste services for specialist businesses

For tattooists, Initial provides a full range of waste collection services for your specialist waste needs, from needles and swabs, couch roll and gloves. Our services suit both large and small businesses and we offer flexible service times to work around you and your customer’s needs.

Working with you we help identify the type and frequency of sharps waste that is to be disposed of which enables us to tailor a solution to suit your individual requirements using one of our dedicated sharps disposal solutions.

Our staff are fully trained and can offer expert advice to make sure you and your business are compliant with the most recent legislation, something we know can be tricky to keep up to date with.

Waste services for the beauty industry

Initial also understands that some beauty treatments – such as waxing and microdermabrasion can produce contaminated waste. All cotton wool, cloths or anything contaminated with human tissues from such treatments are designated as clinical waste and should therefore be placed in a clinical waste bag, sealed and disposed of in the correct manner. Where sharps are used, these must be placed in a clinical waste sharps container. Contact the team today to find out how it can help your business.

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