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Dental Waste Removal

Dental Practices

Safe, legally compliant waste disposal

Dentists throughout the UK place their trust in Initial Medical as the leading disposal and recycling company for dental waste. Our understanding of dental customers ensures that we remain at the forefront of this highly regulated industry.

We take every step possible to ensure the correct and safe handling of amalgam and dental waste. We have the most advanced dental recycling plant in the world where we can ensure your dental waste is disposed of correctly - we recycle 100% of the dental waste that we collect.

Why Initial Medical?

We know that every dental practice produces a variety of waste types and it is essential that all waste produced in your dental practice is placed into its correct container for disposal.

We can offer a waste management package that suits your individual dental practice to handle waste amalgam, spent capsules, bridges and crowns.

Amalgam Separation

All dental practices, in accordance with the 1991 EU Directive on Hazardous Waste, are required to have an Amalgam Separator fitted to prevent any waste amalgam discharging into the sewer.

We can install Amalgam Separators to your dirty sinks in line with legislation. Our service includes installation by highly trained in-house dental engineers and on-going service and waste disposal.

As the experts in Clinical and Dental Waste, we can also collect and dispose of:

  • Amalgamators
  • Veloplex machines
  • Collector cups and filters
  • Sirona motors
  • Removal of old dental pumps

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