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Veltia V7-300

The hands in dryer with comfortable hand drying and optimum water collection.

With over 300 jets of air strategically placed to remove the water from both sides of your hands without the need for continuous hand movement. The Veltia V7-300 hand dryer uses patented technology to eliminate water from your hands ending up on the floor surface

Protection comes in the form of microban, built into the dryer at the point of manufacture Microban provides continuous protection from microbes. Microban technology gives an added level of defence against the growth and trasference of harmful bacteria.

Active when the Veltia dryer is in use, ZeroSmell not only neutralises bad odours within the surrounding area, but leaves a slight pleasant fragrance which increases the user's experince and perception

The 300 jets 'massage' the hands without the need to continuously move them

Microban antibacterial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew

ZeroSmell fragrance system can help neutralise bad odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance

Water collection with indicator light - Patented technology allows excess water from your hands to be directed and collected within the Veltia dryer

5 year parts warranty & 1 Year labour

2 motors for optimum performance

Dries hands in 12 seconds

Machine Dimensions

  • Height 617mm
  • Width 300mm
  • Depth 195mm


  • 9.55kg

Air Speed

  • TBC


  • 1760WW

Sound Level (at 2 m)

  • 70db

Dry Time

  • 10-15 seconds

International Protection Rating

  • IPX1


  • Recommended Height
  • Base of unit - height from floor (General) 67cm
  • Base of unit - from floor (Schools) 52cm


  • This Unit must be installed by a fully qualified electrician


  • White
  • Aluminium Silver

Full Service


Equipment Rental

Annual HEPA Filter Change

Quarterly Replacement of ZeroSmell Gel pack (Gel pack lasts 3 months)

Lifetime guarantee on equipment

Total peace of mind

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Equipment Ownership

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  • Economic Value

    Reduced electricity costs save you money
  • Environmental

    Lower energy use reduces your environmental impact
  • Health & Hygiene

    Cold air reduces bacterial multiplication in air flow for more hygienic drying
  • Image

    No paper waste means washrooms look smarter and better cared for
  • User Experince

    Reduced washroom queues save time and inconvenience. Water reservoir with indicator light.
  • Legislation

    Aids compliance with Workplace Regulations.