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Quiet, Effective and Eco-efficient

The Fusion front cover is designed to be interchangeable and available in two finishes.

ADS (acoustic dampening system) gives the user quiet and effective hand drying whilst remaining eco-efficient.

Options also include HEPA filtration and the zero-gel fragrance system which improves the users’ washroom experience.

Utilising just 600 watts of power, Fusion dries hands in less than 12 seconds.

Fusion comes with a five year warranty and is available for rental or outright purchase, creating options to suit your needs.

Changeable front cover available in 2 colours

HEPA Filter and ZeroGel fragrance option

Dries hands in under 12 seconds

Patented acoustic dampening system (ADS) to limit the sound

Low energy use

Low noise


  • Height 256mm
  • Depth 168mm
  • Width 150mm


  • 3kg

Cover Material

  • ABS Plastic Polymer


  • 600w

Sound Level (at 1m)

  • 66dB


  • This Unit must be installed by a fully qualified electrician

Changeable Front Cover Colours

  • White
  • Silver Aluminium

Full Service


Equipment rental

Regular servicing from trained staff

Total peace of mind

Lifetime guarantee on equipment

Outright Purchase


Equipment Ownership


Total Hand Drying Solution

We are also introducing two additional products to our range to offer you the complete hand drying solution.

AirGuard Features

  • Proven to kill 99.9% of almost all species of bacteria
  • Impact resistance
  • Available in two sizes:
    300 x 600mm
    347 x 900mm
  • Protects the walls from water splashes
  • Available in white or silver


Combining AIRGUARD with a hand dryer assists in creating a clean and safe environment for the hand dryer user.

Key Features

  • Combination of Microfibre, Phoenix fibre and Superstyrene rubber
  • Superstyrene rubber is memory resistant
  • Can hold over 150% more water and almost 50% more dirt than standard mats
  • Revolutionary raptor backing to significantly reduce movement on wet/hard surfaces
  • Available in Stone colour

Microfibre Plus Hand Dryer Mat

A high performance, next generation serviced mat, specifically designed to fit under hand dryers.

Available Sizes: 65 x 60cm

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