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EcoCurve Warm Air Dryer

Slimline, Energy Saving and Smart

The new EcoCurve 550D is a slimline, energy saving and smart warm air hand dryer, designed with an in-built and patented energy recovery system and curved air drying technology.

The 550D smart dryer also has a unique communications link which records real-time energy usage and transmits this data to a server, allowing energy use and hygiene practise to be monitored.

The EcoCurve hand dryer works by drawing in cold air through its air channel adaptor, then compressing it to 39°C, after which the heated air is forced out at 30.6 litres per second, delivering air straight to your palms. This technique avoids wasting any air and any water splashback.

Using the EcoCurve’s patented energy recovery and curved air drying technology, the EcoCurve is purpose built to offer the lowest carbon footprint per dry. It intelligently reports on the energy used per dry, and dries 59 pairs of hands for an operating cost of just 1p, that’s a 97% cost saving compared to a dry with paper towels.

Also available is the EcoCurve 550A which does not make use of the smart technology. The dryer has the same technical specifications as the 550D including the energy saving and recovery system. 

Warm Air Hand Dryer Savortex


Eco Friendly

11 Second dry time

Intelligent sensors and real time energy metering

Digital brush less motor technology

Quiet and smooth quality at 83dB

Self cleaning with new air channel adaptor technology

Latest antimicrobial additive for protection against degradation and bacteria

7 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Height 370mm
  • Width 250mm
  • Depth 134mm


  • ABS
Initial servicing and maintenance is available on a regular servicing contract.

0800 313 4972

  • Protection

    Latest antimicrobial additive for protection against degradation and bacteria
  • Design

    The EcoCurve only protrudes 134mm from the wall, allowing for recessed and space saving installations
  • Quality

    Strong, robust and reliable construction ensures it is suitable for high traffic washrooms and with no heating element it is not prone to wear and failure
  • Service

    Full installation and ongoing maintenance provided