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Air Tap

High speed, Efficient and Elegant

Eco-efficient high speed hand drying in it’s most simple and elegant format.
No mess and no water on the floor.

Great for washroom areas with little wall space, the Air Tap hand dryer is simple but elegant and attaches straight to the basin. 

The over basin Air Tap hand dryer boasts a number of benefits. Allowing over basin drying helps to minimise washroom clean up, and prevent slips as it eliminates water spillage on floors.

The Air Tap is a space saving alternative to traditional hand dryer designs, using space over the basin that is otherwise overlooked. This saves valuable wall space, allowing you the opportunity to use this area for other items.

Air Tap incorporates Integrated Temperature Control and Smart Air Outlet Technology. Making use of no touch technology offers a more hygienic hand drying solution. The Air Tap is easy to clean and simple to operate, featuring a stylish LED indicator. 

Add elegance and sophistication to your washroom with the Air Tap hand dryer, available in an ultramodern, sleek, high quality stainless steel finish.

Dries hands quickly and effectively at the sink

Low energy: 500w (unheated) | 1000w (heated)

Simple to operate and touch free

Incorporates Intelligent Temperature Control and Smart Air Outlet Technology

Frees up valuable washroom wall space

No water on the floor

Reduced electricity costs save you money

No paper waste meaning your washroom looks smarter and better cared for.

Reduced washroom queues saving time and money


  • Height 170mm
  • Depth 220mm


  • 5.6kg


  • Stainless Steel


  • 500w | 1000w

Sound Level (at 1m)

  • 68-71dB

Installation Recommended Height

  • 30-32 cm under the basin (depending on the site)


  • This Unit must be installed by a fully qualified electrician


  • Stainless Steel

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