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Industrial Hand Care

Initial's Industrial Hand Care range is the world’s leading expert in the development of skin care dispensing systems for the workplace. The product range is underpinned by 65 years of experience in occupational skin care and is developed to change perceptions of skin safety and hand hygiene

Initial's Industrial Hand Care range manufacture products to do the job required of them, providing safe, hygienic, reliable protection.


Easy visual identification of product type to encourage correct product usage and compliance

All Initial's Industrial Hand Care dispensers are manufactured from durable plastic components and rigorously tested for high usage environments, providing assurance of quality and long-term cost efficiency.

Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reducing waste

Tamper-proof, lockable cover

The air-tight cartridges are designed to collapse during use ensuring full evacuation of product with no wastage

Complies with relevant global legislation






1 litre ABS

Height 233mm

Width 130mm

Depth 115mm


2 litre ABS

Height 290mm

Width 163mm

Depth 145mm


1 litre ABS

Height 233mm

Width 130mm

Depth 115mm

  • Simple cartridge replacement designed for exclusive use with Deb skin care system products to enable cartridges to be replaced in seconds, reducing maintenance time and costs
  • Easy to fit soap cartridge system which is convenient, hygienic and non-drip
  • Soap cartridges are sealed to avoid contamination in transit; contents cannot be tampered with
  • No wastage - cartridges collapse completely to ensure all of the soap is dispensed
  • Soap cartridges are made from biodegradable plastic and are fully recyclable
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The Industrial soap dispenser is available in the following service agreements:

Full Service

Contractual Refills


Equipment Rental

Regular servicing from trained staff

Lifetime guarantee on equipment

Total peace of mind



Equipment Rental


Lifetime guarantee on equipment

0800 313 4972
  • Protection

    Every product in the range has been carefully designed to meet specific skin safety needs
  • Design

    Deb products are innovative, convenient and above all, effective
  • Quality

    Reliable and durable, tested to last with a lifetime guarantee
  • Service

    Initial's Industrial Hand Care programme provides tailored skin safety regimes to meet the requirements of any organisation
  • Consumables

    Refills are environmentally friendly