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Hand Cleanser

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Hand Cleanser

In addition to our core range of hand sanitisers in dispensers, we also offer hand cleansers to ensure that you are protected from pathogens wherever you go.

Pursan Hand Cleansing Spray

Pursan hand sanitiser spray

Keep the bacteria in your premise under control with this hand cleanser.

  • 70% ethanol alcohol formulation
  • Quick drying with moisturiser
  • Leaves hands feeling fresh and clean

Features of our Pursan Hand Cleanser:

  • Capacity: 24 x 60ml, 24 x 100ml and 8 x 500ml
  • Dimensions: H 165mm x D 80mm

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Achieve proper hand hygiene in three steps

1. Handwashing

The first step in the hand hygiene process is proper handwashing. Using soap while adhering to our handwashing guide will remove a large amount of pathogens from your hands.

See our range of soaps and take the first step towards better hand hygiene.

Download our hand hygiene poster: Recommended hand hygiene steps to prevent the spread of viruses

2. Hand Drying

Even when you’ve managed to wash away any hand pathogens with soap, you need to remove residual moisture to stop them from reappearing. If you leave the washroom with wet hands then you create a breeding ground for the same pathogens to re-emerge.

Our range of hand drying options spans from traditional roller and paper towels all the way to ultra-hygienic hand dryers with in-built air filters.

3. Hand Sanitising

Finally, when your hands have been properly washed and dried, apply hand sanitiser for extra protection. This will prevent your hands from quickly becoming a pathogen hotspot.

To cope with the recent unprecedented spike in demand, we have made a number of new additions to our hand sanitiser range. This ensures that we can help to safeguard the nation’s hand hygiene.

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