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Rubber Floor Mats

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Rubber Floor Mats

As a washroom hygiene services company, we understand the crucial role that rubber floor mats play in maintaining cleanliness, safety, and comfort. They are a necessity in various environments, from gyms and commercial spaces to hospitality settings, ensuring a clean and secure flooring solution.

Rubber mats are versatile and cater to a wide range of applications across different industries. Their durability and functionality make them ideal for high-traffic areas, wet zones, and areas requiring additional comfort and safety. Whether it’s preventing slips in a gym shower or providing a durable entryway in a busy hotel, rubber matting is a reliable choice.

1. Enhancing Safety

Rubber mats provide a non-slip surface, reducing the risk of slips and falls in wet or high-traffic areas. Anti Fatigue mats also help improve employee safety by reducing the strain on their feet and legs during long hours of standing.

2. Durability

Rubber mats are designed to withstand heavy use, making them a durable choice for areas with high foot traffic. Their robust construction ensures they last longer, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses. We use high-quality materials to ensure our rubber mats provide maximum durability and longevity, even in high-traffic areas.

3. Low maintenance

Rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them in good condition. This ease of maintenance helps ensure a hygienic environment, especially in places like washrooms and kitchens.

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Types of rubber floor mats we offer

Initial offers a range of rubber matting solutions, based on the individual needs of your business.

Drainage Mats for Wet Areas

In washrooms and other wet areas, drainage mats are essential. These mats have perforated designs that allow water to drain through, keeping surfaces dry and reducing slip hazards.

Drainage mats

Drainage mats are perfect for gyms, changing rooms, pool areas, bars and showers

Key features of our water drainage mats:

  • Drainage holes allow water through before trapping it underneath
  • Trapped water can be easily cleaned up
  • Suctioned backing reduces movement
  • Oil, water and grease resistant
  • Sizes: 79 cm x 158 cm
  • Surface composition: SBR/Natural Rubber
  • Total mat weight: 5.5 kg / m2
  • Total mat height: 11 mm
  • Maintenance Instructions: Clean with a damp cloth or mop as and when required
  • Available to purchase outright and delivery is included

Outdoor Rubber Mats for High-Traffic Areas

All of the dirt and water that causes problems in your premises comes from outside, so why not stop it at the door? Both of our outdoor mats will do just that. Our heavy-duty outdoor rubber mats are weather-resistant and provide a sturdy, long-lasting solution for entrances and other high-traffic outdoor areas.

These mats are great for use in any type of business from hospitals to schools, restaurants, supermarkets, manufacturing and offices, they are a safe and reliable option to prevent slips and keep dirt and water out of your premises.

Initial Active Scraper Mat

Outdoor rubber mat

An outdoor rubber mat with bi-directional blades that removes dirt and debris before it enters your building

  • Multi-directional blade pattern aggressively cleans shoes
  • Can be placed portrait or landscape
  • Drainage channels allow water and debris to drain away
  • Bevelled edges increase stability
  • Textured backing to reduce mat movement
  • Sizes: 95 cm x 155 cm
  • Surface composition: Natural Rubber
  • Total mat weight: 6.82 kg / m2
  • Total mat height: 9 mm
  • Dimensional tolerance: +/-2%
  • Maintenance Instructions: Clean with a damp cloth or mop when required
  • Service options include delivery, mat ownership and a 1 year guarantee on mat life

Initial Outdoor Logo Scraper Plus Mat

outdoor rubber floor mat with logo design

A maintenance free, innovative outdoor floor mat that allows you to promote your brand on durable exterior matting

  • Unique coarse nylon fibres offer superior scraping action against dirt and moisture
  • High-quality dyes offer brilliant colour fastness and image durability
  • Choice of 72 colours to match your branding preference
  • Memory resistant Superstyrene backing that provides maximum durability in high-traffic areas
  • Cleated backing pattern features holes for drainage of excess water.
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • 100% nylon for ultimate absorbency
  • Fully washable
  • Sizes: 85 cm x 150 cm, 115 cm x 180 cm
  • Fabric: Pile yarm 100% nylon 7 mm pile height
  • Total mat weight: 3.9 kg / m2
  • Fire retardant to standard BS EN 13501
  • Service options include: mat installation and rental, plus regular servicing from trained staff

Anti Fatigue Mats for Employee Comfort

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FAQ’s about Rubber Mats

  • How to choose the right rubber mat for your space?

    Below are factors to take into consideration when choosing a rubber floor mat for your business:

    1. Purpose and Application: Select mats based on their intended use, such as non-slip for safety, anti fatigue for comfort, and scraper features for cleanliness.
    2. Traffic Level: Choose durable mats for high-traffic areas and lighter options for low to moderate-traffic zones.
    3. Environment: Use weather-resistant mats for outdoor use and mats with drainage holes for wet indoor areas.
    4. Size and Shape: Ensure mats fit the space properly, considering standard or custom sizes as needed.
    5. Thickness: Thicker mats offer better cushioning and durability, while thinner mats are easier to handle and clean.
    6. Maintenance: Choose mats that are easy to clean and maintain, considering the frequency of replacement.
    7. Aesthetics: Match mats to your business decor and branding, considering custom logo options for a professional look.
    8. Budget: Balance initial costs with long-term savings from durability and low maintenance requirements.
    9. Safety Standards and Certifications: Ensure mats comply with safety standards, such as being fire retardant.

  • How to clean rubber floor mats?

    Clean with a damp cloth or mop as and when required.

  • What are the best outdoor mats?

    Either of our outdoor mats will provide you with a range of benefits. They are both are highly durable and will trap dirt and water before it reaches your inside floor.

  • Can you leave outdoor mats outside?

    Our outdoor mats are specifically designed to work outside.

  • Are outdoor mats waterproof?

    Our outdoor rubber mats and scraper mats are capable of absorbing water.