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Entrance Well Matting

Floor Mat Service

Constant protection for your floors and reputation

Initial Hygiene’s professional floor mat service provides your business with a freshly laundered mat on a regular basis, ensuring your floors are constantly protected from dirt and water entering your premises.

Serviced Floor Mat Advantages

‘Off the shelf’ floor mats are typically made from lower a grade material and have a limited life span. They become saturated with dirt and water within a few weeks, losing their effectiveness at capturing dirt and absorbing water.

By reducing the dirt and water on floors that could become a potential slip hazard, a well positioned floor mats helps to improve the Health and Safety within the workplace.

Initial Hygiene’s floor mat service assists with the prevention of slip injuries occurring, helping to protect your business from expensive compensation claims which can be damaging to your company’s reputation.

Key Points

  • Scheduled mat replacement
  • 80% of dirt and water captured
  • Environmentally friendly laundry process
  • Low weekly cost

The placement of serviced floor mats helps prolong the life of your flooring while also helping to reduce your cleaning bills, as 80% of dirt and water gets walked into your premises is captured and absorbed by the floor mat.

Initial Hygiene’s floor mat service includes a wide range of service options to suit your specific business needs. These service options include weekly, fortnightly and 4 weekly mat exchanges. Initial also offer seasonal service options that take into consideration seasonal weather changes and resulting floor mat usage, this ensures an economical service is provided.

Floor Mat Service

Initial Hygiene’s floors mats are laundered using environmentally friendly chemicals within high tech ecologically advanced processing centres based in Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast. These centres enable Initial Hygiene to lower water and electricity consumption ensuring your floor mat is laundered to the highest standards, with minimum possible impact on the environment.

Initial Hygiene’s entrance mats, logo mats and Industrial mats are available through the laundered floor mat service with local service levels provided on a national scale from Initial’s 17 nationwide service centres, offering immediate response to your business needs.

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