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Entrance Well Matting

Entrance Well Matting

Our unique modular matting solution for entrance areas is designed to keep your floor clean and safe, ensuring a positive first impression.

Entrance Matting

This innovative concept acts as a primary barrier for dirt entering the building through pedestrian traffic. The tiles do not only protect your floors and reduce the amount of dirt but they also enable you to create your own design to match the interior and please your visitors.

Entrance Well Matting System

Our entrance well matting solution uses two different types of modular tiles (Prior HD & Forma HD) that offer differing properties. The NEW HD grid features 80% textile coverage for even better absorption of dirt and moisture.

Prior HD Key Features

  • Incorporates resilient scrapers to remove heavy dirt particles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • DDA Compliant
  • UV resistant and recyclable PVC
  • 5 year warranty
  • Closed structure for storage of dirt and moisture
  • Compatible with Forma HD to be used as edging on the perimeter of the installation

Prior HD

Modular matting system featuring a close construction to allow easy and frequent maintenance in situations with extreme traffic conditions. Offered in 16 mm thickness and can be cut to fit any shape and size mat well to meet all customer’s requirements.
Prior HD

Forma HD Key Features

  • Designed to remove large particles of soil and moisture at busy entrances
  • Wear rated for heavy use in high foot and wheeled traffic areas
  • Environmentally friendly textile as inserts made of 100% ECONYL® fibres
  • 80% textile coverage to offer great performance in dirt and moisture pick up
  • Easy to clean to maintain
  • 5 year warranty

Forma HD

Combines interlocking scraping modules with a textile insert constructed with two type of ECONYL® polyamide high quality fibres: multi- filaments that instantly capture moisture as people walk on the product and mono filaments that provide a tough scraping action against dirt particles carried in from the outside.
- Available in 2 colours: Jupiter & Earth.
- Ideal for entrance halls with mat wells, and front entrance in combination with Prior.
Forma HD

PVC Edging

PVC Edging

The New PVC edging is ideal solution for surface mounted Prior HD and Forma HD installs. Avaiable in 16mm.

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Entrance Well Matting Service and Cleaning

Initial Hygiene’s entrance well matting service includes a wide range of options to suit your specific business needs. These service options include out of hours and weekend operation.


Logo Entrance Well Matting Solution

A branded floor mat that is designed specifically to fit in a well mat is a great way to show off your company name and logo as well as to help create a professional and clean space.

Find out more information about our Logo Mats.