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Floor Mats

Entrance Well Matting

Good first impressions are vital for any organisation and our entrance well matting solution enables you to create a clean and hygienic reception or foyer, ensuring a positive first impression.

Entrance Matting

Utilising existing recessed mat wells to create a seamless surface between the matting and flooring, our entrance matting prevents unwanted dirt and water from entering your premises; helping to ensure it remains clean, whilst reducing the risk of wet slippery floors.

Entrance Well Matting System

Our entrance well matting solution uses two different types of modular tiles that offer differing properties, designed to removed and capture dirt and water; enabling you to create limitless configurations to suit your existing mat well and interior décor.

Entrance Matting Tiles

Prior™ & Forma™ is a unique modular system, providing a complete entrance matting solution for your business. The Prior™ tile structure incorporates resilient scrapers that are highly effective at removing dirt particles, while the Forma™ tile provides an absorbent textile insert.

As the Prior™ tile provides superior dirt scraping capabilities, we recommend using this to form a frame around the Forma™ tile to provide a well designed, high-performing entrance matting solution, even in the most demanding of entrances.

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Logo Entrance Well Matting Solution

A branded floor mat that is designed specifically to fit in a well mat is a great way to show off your company name and logo as well as to help create a professional and clean space.

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Entrance Well Matting Service and Cleaning

Initial Hygiene’s entrance well matting service includes a wide range of options to suit your specific business needs. These service options include out of hours and weekend operation.