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Eco Clear Urinal Solution

Eliminates common problems with urinals

Urinals are regularly the cause of unpleasant odours, blockages, high water usage and poor hygiene standards within washrooms. Initial Hygiene have designed an environmentally friendly urinal sleeve and deep clean service solution that will combat these common urinal problems. 

Without a system in place you could be looking at constant flushing urinals and uric acid build up, which can result in uric acid build up within the urinal bowl and pipe work often leading to costly blockages and unpleasant odours.

How the Eco-Clear solutions works

Our Eco-Clear solution combines a specially designed water management device and patented urinal sleeve. The urinal sleeve contains bio-enzymes that penetrate uric acid, salt and scale, preventing a build-up occurring and eliminating any foul odours. The broken down waste from this process is then simply washed away during the next flush.

The design of the sleeve traps odours below the water line preventing them from entering the washroom, while the cap prevents unwanted blockages occurring from objects such as cigarette butts and chewing gum entering the pipe work. Completing our urinal hygiene solution, the specially designed water manager can enable water saving of up to 90% without a decrease in urinal hygiene levels.

Installation and Service


Eco-Clear offers a service regime that begins with a deep clean of the urinal bowl, pipework, and surrounding walls and floor tiles up to 1 meters, prior to the installation of the Eco-Clear components. 

During the quarterly sleeve change, a bottle of Eco-Clear cleaning solution is left per urinal, a biological formulation that assists the bio-block enzymes in neutralising odours and breaking down uric acid. A deep clean is also undertaken with each visit in order to boost hygiene levels and ensure a clean washroom for your customers.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduces environmental impact and reduces your costs saving up to 90% of water usage
  • Reduces urinal blockages
  • Prevents bad odours escaping
  • Improves overall urinal Hygiene