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Eco Cap Urinal Device

Eliminates common problems with urinals

Initial’s Eco Cap is an ideal solution to retrofit all existing flushable urinals. The friendly bacteria dispensed by the Eco Cap keeps pipework clean and free flowing whilst neutralising urinal odours and keeping washrooms smelling hygienic and fresh. The cap also prevents debris from entering the urinal’s pipework and causing blockages.




It prevents the build-up of uric scale and solids in urinal traps and pipework, drastically reducing costly blockages and malodour problems

Simple to install and replace – no tools required and no alterations need to be made to the existing urinal

The pronged eco cap (type 1) retrofits most existing central waste outlets via robust yet flexible prongs

The suction cup (type 2) retrofits all other urinals via a powerful, secure suction cup


  • Type 1 2-Prong Unit) : Width 60mm x Height 66mm
  • Type 2(Suction Cup Unit) : Width 60mm x Height 50mm


  • Type 1 (2-Prong)Cap: 60g
  • Type 2 (Suction Cup)Cap: 62g

Service Cycle

  • Unit Replaced Monthly

Product Hardware Checklist

  • Robust construction
  • Streamlined vents allow optimal dispensation of good bacteria
  • Universal retrofit
  • Guards against blockages

Recommended Product Location

  • Prong (type 1) – Position cap centrally over waste outlet with both prongs inside then push down until firmly into position.
  • Suction cup (type 2) – Dry the area directly above waste outlet and position cap on newly dried area. Apply pressure to stick cap’s sucker into place. Lift small side flap suction when needed

Service Elements

  • Unit must be replaced monthly


  • Unit is installed by the customer


  • White


  • A range of sanitising solutions are available
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