Why Vomit Throws Up Several Critical Hygiene Questions

Ever heard of emetophobia?

Unless you get a kick out of scouring medical dictionaries for peculiar fears, it’s unlikely that you have, but emetophobia is actually a fear related to vomiting.

For sufferers of this particular phobia, the thought of coming into contact with vomit can cause debilitating anxiety, especially in public places.

While there’s no known cause, this affliction does serve to throw up several critical hygiene questions for healthcare establishments up and down the UK – not least their ability to deal with vomit spillages effectively.

Although vomit doesn’t present the same high risk of viral infection as blood or other bodily fluids, its appearance is enough to turn the stomach of even the most resilient visitors to your hospital or GP surgery.

Make Sure Your Kit Is Up To the Job

As a result, if a poorly patient does throw up, it’s important to make sure you have the kit to deal with the spillage properly. This means chucking out your chlorine-based chemicals (they give off extra chlorine gas) and replacing them with dedicated products.

Like what?

Well, for starters, our Urine and Vomit Spills Kit is free from chlorine, with the NQ64 granules rapidly absorbing the liquid, allowing any solid matter to be collected with the minimum of fuss and then disposed of in the clinical waste sack.

Once this is done, the alcohol surface wipes can be used to make sure the area is disinfected and safe to be used. Importantly, the NQ64 granules won’t bleach soft furnishings or fabrics and can be used with minimal training or supervision.

If you’d like more information about dealing with vomit spillages in your establishment, making sure you don’t cause emetophobia sufferers any unnecessary anxiety in the process, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team today – we’d love to help.

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