The Big Drop in Public Toilets

Recently, I entered a competition where first and last prize was a toilet. I thought to myself, “I’m in a win loos situation here.”

Joking aside, if I told you there are 40% fewer public toilets today than there were ten years ago, would you believe me?

Of course you would – but it means winning a toilet wouldn’t be such a laughing matter.

According to the director of the British Toilet Association, councils lack the funds to pay for their upkeep, which is why many public conveniences have closed, with dilapidated facilities becoming an easy target for vandals.

In fact, the issue of toilet closures has many folk close to bursting.

For one Bath resident, 67-year old Lin Patterson, enough was enough. Incensed by yet another public toilet closure in her hometown, Ms Patterson grabbed her sleeping bag and occupied her local loo in protest.

Despite these valiant efforts, though, it seems the flood of closures is unlikely to be stemmed.

However, with fears mounting that some folk are likely to avoid certain areas if there toilet facilities aren’t up to scratch, East Lindsey District Council in Lincolnshire is set to invest £500,000 in public lavatories in the next four years.

With automatic mixer taps and vandal-resistant, energy efficient hand-dryers, East Lindsey District Council are spending a pretty penny to ensure that you can, well, spend a penny in comfort.

And if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is …

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