Rats – A Plague On The NHS?

There are many things people don’t want to see in hospitals. In fact, most people would rather not be in a hospital at all. But one sight that’ll make you pack up your catheter and head for the hills is a mangy rat scurrying across the floor.

Rats, mice and cockroaches have all been found in top hospitals across England and in increasing numbers, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

As reported in the Daily Mail, an investigation found that hospitals in England called out pest controllers 7,026 times in 2013/14 – a whopping 600 times a month.

What’s worse, many of these reports were in clinical areas where effective hygiene is vital. The Labour party also reported that hospitals have appointed 2,400 fewer cleaners since 2011, leaving fewer people who can spot warning signs of an infestation and stamp them out early.

Overcoming the scourge

In the current climate of panicked reports on the NHS, these finding couldn’t come at a worse time – and it might lead you to question how vermin are flocking to hospitals in the first place.

The answer is all about waste and hygiene. Without effective pharmaceutical waste facilities, rats are likely to latch onto fetid rubbish like it was a scrumptious treat.

Moreover, waste that isn’t removed promptly will harbour germ-ridden insects in a matter of days.

We can offer waste facilities that won’t leave your hospital red in the face come the latest FOI request. So get those rats out of the picture – give us a call.

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