Initial Medical launches new infection control range

Initial Medical has launched its brand new high level disinfectant, Steri-7 Xtra. Suitable for use on almost any surface or material, the product eliminates bacteria, spores, fungi, yeast and viruses.

What makes Steri-7 Xtra extra special is its unique ingredient which contains Reactive Barrier Technology. Even once dried, it continues to provide Biosecurity which means that germs can’t establish itself on treated areas even in between cleaning cycles.

Offering complete infection control, you can be assured that your surfaces and health are protected at all times.

Steri-7 Xtra kills a huge range of pathogens including:

  • Bovine viral diarrhoea
  • Digital dermatitis
  • Hep C
  • Klebsiella pneumonia
  • Non-envelope viruses
  • Salmonella enteritidis
  • SARS
  • Coli
  • Norovirus
  • Influenza A H1N1, H5N1
  • MRSA

To see the full list of pathogens that Steri-7 Xtra is capable of eradicating, please see our website.

Who would use Steri-7 Xtra?

This high-strength disinfectant is suitable for use on almost any surface but is particularly beneficial to healthcare environments such as GP practices and dental surgeries. These are places where we’re most likely to be exposed to germs and thorough cleaning methods are therefore crucial.

As well as providing staff and patients with a safe and clean environment, Steri-7 Xtra offers a number of additional benefits:

  • If you run a GP practice for example, your staff will be exposed to all sorts of illnesses every day which puts them at risk of picking up infections. Proper sanitisation eliminates the likelihood of this happening and can greatly reduce staff absenteeism.


  • As well as protecting your employees, you’re also reducing the risk of your customers picking up germs and illnesses. If there’s a breakout of an illness at your practice or surgery, this could damage your reputation or even result in your premises being shut down.


  • Because healthcare environments are so sensitive, there are legal requirements you need to follow in order to ensure that certain levels of cleanliness are adhered to. Steri-7 Xtra helps you to ensure that you’re complying with regulations.


The Steri-7 Xtra range

 Steri-7 Xtra is available in two different ranges.

Personal care – our hypoallergenic surgical level hand rub and wash provide an extraordinarily high level of hygienie protection to anything from pre-op surgical scrubs to general use in kitchens and washrooms.

  • They contain a moisturising effect which makes them ideal for those who need to wash their hands frequently.
  • They’re dermatological tested and are classed as non-irritant.
  • Kills up to 99.9999% of pathogens.
  • Stays active for up to three hours after application.


Surface cleaning – our high-level surface disinfectant cleaners are available as a concentrate solution, a ready-to-use spray and a surface wipe.

  • They contain a moisturising effect which makes them ideal for those who need to wash their hands frequently.
  • They’re non-corrosive and are therefore suitable for use on medical equipment.
  • Kills up to 99.9999% of pathogens in just seconds.
  • Maintains efficacy in heavy organic soiling, blood and proteins.


For more information about Steri-7 Xtra, it’s benefits, uses and how to apply the product, please feel free to visit our website or contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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