Hygiene holograms – the cleaning helpers of the future?

We’ve enjoyed projections of Tupac, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and even Mariah Carey – but how would you like a hygiene hologram giving you a helping hand in your medical practice?

It’s a move that Tallaght Hospital, Ireland, has taken in its most recent drive towards a 100 per cent hygiene initiative.

Primarily aimed at reminding doctors and nurses to wash their hands, the helpful hologram has been designed in the form of real-life nurse Helen Corrigan and could be rolled out to other hospitals if it proves successful.

Essentially, Helen is a rear-projection unit with recorded, motion-activated speech, meaning she could be used to deliver almost any message. If you feel your staff need reminding of the nearest waste facilities, for example, you could set up a recording to do exactly that.

While it might not be as hi-tech as a performance with Tupac, the use of rear-projected holograms will add the human touch that a poster or sign can’t – and make hygiene more engaging.

In a recent study, a rear-projection hologram in a London hospital attracted 33 per cent to hand hygiene dispensers, as opposed to the 2.1 per cent of visitors using the existing dispensers. Many reported that the hologram was the first thing they spotted when they entered the building – an undoubtedly positive step towards better hygiene.

Whether you’re considering projections or not, we’ve got all you need to clear up the waste infecting your hospital. So get in touch and we’ll get your hygiene sorted.

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