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Waste Bins

A clean and hygienic washroom helps to reassure visitors that you care about their well being whilst in your premises. Providing a waste bin in your washroom helps to keep your washroom tidy and free from waste accumulating on the floor.

The Signature waste bin is the perfect companion to a paper towel dispenser and recommended position of the bin is directly under or next to a dispenser keeping the washroom tidy.

Waste Bin includes Installation and Equipment Rental

Initial Hygiene’s washroom waste bin has integral antibacterial surface technology that enhances the level of hygiene offered in your washroom and available with an open lid.

. Signature Colour .

Integral antibacterial technology - improving surface hygiene

Surface specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards and help make cleaning easier

Sleek, contemporary design

Specifically designed with a concealed liner retainer to ensure the bag is out of view

Large 35litre capacity


  • ABS


  • 35L


  • Height 674mm
  • Width 442mm
  • Depth 248mm


  • 2333g
  • Initial Hygiene offers a range of high quality bin liners

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Initial waste bin delivered directly to your premises.


  • Can be wall mounted
  • Installed by an Initial Service Engineer
0800 313 4972
  • Protection

    Integral antibacterial surface technology helps to minimise the spread of germs.
  • Design

    Specifically designed surface helps to enhance the level of hygiene offered in the washroom whilst making it easier to clean.
  • Quality

    Robust, durable construction for even the most demanding washroom environments.
  • Service

    Waste bin emptied by customer.
  • Consumable

    Wide range of high waste disposal bags.