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Business Ethics & Legislation

Code of Conduct

Rentokil Initial, as one of the world's leading support services companies, has a responsibility to set the highest standards of behaviour. Our code of conduct is designed to help us achieve this. It is a fundamental commitment to comply with all applicable legal requirements and to do so with high ethical standards.

The code outlines responsibilities to colleagues, customers and to the company. It highlights our determination to embed our values of Service, Relationships and Teamwork and a culture of integrity across our group.

Our businesses are committed to not only acting in accordance with the law in every country in which they trade but also to a zero tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption. This is set out in our Code of Conduct and in our Anti Corruption Policy.

Bribery and Corruption

Rentokil Initial businesses operate in many countries and are subject to local laws on bribery and corruption. In addition, because it is a UK company it is subject to the UK Bribery Act 2010. Further, because the company's shares are traded in the United States, the company is also subject to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (FCPA). Both the UK and US laws apply throughout the world, meaning that not only will a local law be broken, but in certain cases the same wrongful act will be a criminal offence in both the USA and the UK.

Rentokil Initial has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and continues to communicate policies and processes, backed by training and compliance certification, to ensure this is understood and acted upon by staff and business partners alike.

More information on these and other group company policies may be found, in English, on the group website: