About Initial

About Initial

For Washroom Services, Call Us On 0800 313 4972  or Contact Us Online

For Healthcare Waste, Call Us On 0800 030 4005  or Contact Us Online

About Initial Hygiene

As part of the Rentokil Initial group, we pride ourselves on being a global company with a local feel. Throughout our more than 100 years in the service industry, we have always been British owned and innovative, leading to great customer relationships and a position of trust in the UK market.

Many businesses choose Initial because they need a dependable and experienced provider for washroom services, medical and clinical waste management and floor matting. Having a single provider saves you time and money and allows us to better understand how to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

Why choose Initial Washroom Hygiene

Setting the standard for Hygiene in work, public and leisure spaces in the UK, since 1903

Why choose Initial Medical

Setting the standard in healthcare waste management in the UK