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We provide a complete Legionella testing and control service for organisations throughout the UK.  Failure to do so can lead not only to the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, but can seriously damage your organisations reputation.

Water Management System

Water Management System

Initial Facilities provides a complete water management system and service that meets all the water management requirements of The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, the revised HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) and the Water Supply Regulations of 1999. By using our Watersafe water management system you can enjoy rest assured your water systems are being managed correctly.

Comprehensive, cost-effective water management system for your business’ water supply

A variety of harmful bacteria can be found in virtually all water systems, making it of the up-most importance for companies to adopt an effective water management system. Water borne pathogenic bacteria, such as cryptosporidium and E. Coli are just some of the bacteria in water systems that can be detected by our water management system. If they are ever found in water systems, our water management experts will disinfect and remove these dangerous bacteria.

At Initial we value our water management system partners and always look to build long-term relationships.

We provide a complete water quality risk assessment and extensive water quality management system

Our meticulous, user friendly water management system ensures that companies like yours are able to manage their water systems safely and efficiently. Our Watersafe water management system begins with a thorough water hygiene risk assessment from our certified water management system experts, who can assess you water management needs. We will then provide and implement the most effective water management system for your business and will train your members of staff, provide water management logging facilities and regularly maintain your water management system. This means you can rest assured your water systems are being managed correctly and safely.

Initial Facilities offers both a manual and online system to monitor your compliance. For further information on our WCMS online management service please click here.  

Our water management systems are available throughout the UK

Initial Facilities’ advanced Watersafe water management system services are available in a wide range of locations and already our fully certified water management professionals can be found performing water quality testing and implementing water management systems throughout the UK. You can rely on Initial as a professional water management system company to effectively manage the quality of your water systems.

You'll find Initial’s water management system experts implementing water management systems for businesses throughout the UK.

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