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Essential Washroom Vending Services

Essential Washroom Vending Services

Provide those necessity products

As people’s lives get busier and impulse and necessity purchases become increasingly frequent, providing vending services in your washroom is an essential consideration for all types of businesses.

Initial Hygiene’s flexible approach to washroom vending provides your business with a simple and effective way to provide these items whilst ensuring all washroom visitors are catered for and a consistent and reliable service is supplied.

Offering a range of vending machines, our service provides your business with the opportunity to offer a variety of well know, trusted washroom products to your visitors. These products include items such as tights, tampons, condoms, headache tablets, deodorants, shower gels and lip balm.

Providing the opportunity to purchase these products enhances your company image and provides your washroom visitors with a discreet way to purchase personal products.

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We also offer a specific vending machine that caters for nappy changes, ensuring parents and carers are never without those important items. The machine can be stocked with a vast range of well-known branded products, ensuring consumer trust and confidence is established helping to entice a purchase.

Our extensive knowledge of washroom vending services has enabled us to develop a unique awareness of consumer needs in order to maximise cash generation for your business. We work alongside you to ensure the correct products are stocked to suit your washroom visitors and environment. We offer three types of service, enabling us to provide your washroom with a bespoke vending solution.

Our vending services include fully managed options and a self serviced option. All service options include professional installation of the machine and ongoing maintenance.

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Condom Machine Vending Solutions

Condom machine vending solutions provide the essentials for your washroom.

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Washroom Vending & Sanitary Solutions

Enables you to provide the much needed emergency and necessity washroom products.

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Nappy Vending Solutions

Enables you to provide those important baby changing essentials easily and conveniently.

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Vending Machine Range

Dual, triple and multi vending machine range provides the opportunity to offer a wide selection of branded small pack convenience products.


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