With all the germ killing power of alcohol-based sanitisers, UltraProtect™ guards against Norovirus, MRSA and Swine Flu whilst being gentle and incredibly long lasting on hands and surfaces.

Discover the next generation of sanitisers and reach new levels of hygiene standards with UltraProtect™.

UltraProtect sanitisers for hands and surfaces

UltraProtect sanitisers for hands and surfaces

UltraProtect™ is a new range of powerful sanitisers, killing 99.9% of germs. Unlike alcohol-based products, it is also gentle on hands and surfaces, containing 0% alcohol and bleach. Perhaps most revolutionary, UltraProtect™ provides continuous protection for up to 6 hours on hands, and up to 24 hours on hard surfaces.


UltraProtect™ is a powerful, long-lasting, alcohol-free sanitiser range, making it gentle on hands and surfaces. This is the next generation of sanitisers, and a simple way for your business to immediately achieve better hygiene standards.

Initial know that good hygiene standards can bring real financial benefits to your business. Hygiene expert Professor Charles P Gerba of the University of Arizona has demonstrated that, “Proper hand washing and the regular use of gel or foam hand sanitisers can reduce illness and absenteeism by 30-50%”.

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UltraProtect™ Sanitiser for Business & Healthcare

It has never been more important for your business to implement better hygiene standards. UltraProtect™ is a revolutionary new range of sanitising products, offering unparalleled protection from germs for up to 24 hours.

UltraProtect Sanitiser

UltraProtect Sanitiser – How It Works

Find out more about the technology behind the hygiene revolution.

UltraProtect Sanitiser Range

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