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Sharps Disposal

SafePoint Sharps System

Compact & simple device to reduce the risk of sharps injuries at point of disposal

SafePoint automatically unscrews and disposes of used needles in seconds providing the safe removal and disposal of used needles.

SafePoint ensures that needles are never re-sheathed in the practice. The detached needle drops safely into the integral lockable sharps container. The unit also ensure waste segregation at point of disposal, increasing best practice and reducing waste volumes.

  • Easy to use, automatic needle removal and disposal
  • Removes needle in 2 seconds
  • One handed disposal of contaminated needle
  • Compact & stylish, designed to sit chair side
  • Helps to prevent needlestick injuries at point of disposal
  • No re-sheathing of needle required
  • Works with all standard dental needles
  • Low voltage electrical device
  • Ensures segregation at point of disposal


0800 030 4005
SafePoint Sharps Safety System