Data centre cleaning to the highest standards

Our decades of experience in the cleaning of state-of-the-art data centres enables us to meet the highest standards. We are proud to be accredited to ISO 14644-1, which governs air cleanliness in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

Data Centre Cleaning

Data Centre Cleaning

Specialist data centre cleaning and decontamination services

As Data Centre Alliance partners we actively seek to innovate, influence and contribute to establishing quality standards, and to understand the needs in a rapidly evolving Cloud and Hosting market.

We have local teams of trained Operatives to provide the consistent quality service anywhere in the UK. This is supported by our Management team who will set up the service in conjunction with your needs and procedures, and to carry out Quality Assurance checks. Our work is not complete until our customers sign off confirming complete satisfaction. We also have the supporting structure by being part of the global business services company, Rentokil Initial.

  • Data Hosting & The Cloud Customers – we appreciate your high profile facility must be of the highest quality appearance, inspiring your customers to have the vital trust and confidence. With power and cooling issues now the single biggest challenge for data centres*, dust reduction becomes increasingly important. As well as being a good insulator, accumulated dust will severely restrict cooling airflow. A dust-free environment aids efficient temperature control, reducing your energy costs.

    Daily cleaning to ISO 14644-1 (Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments) we will work with you to establish a bespoke solution: Options include high visibility polished floors, control systems for entering/exiting the Data Rooms, and Air Particulate testing.

  • Computer Rooms and Server Cabinets Customers – we will help minimize the risk of dust and contaminants by intensive treatment, removing dust and any contaminants, helping prevent costly downtime and providing the peace of mind.

    Our customers ask for a range of solutions, from large data halls to the cleaning of one server cabinet, we will offer the flexibility to meet your needs.

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