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Expert Dental Waste Services

Expert Dental Waste Services

Dental Waste Compliance

Dental clinics and surgeries produce a variety of different hazardous waste types that all need to be managed in the correct way, some of which may contain amalgam. Dentists and orthodontists are governed by strict legislation surrounding the safe management and disposal of dental waste due to its hazardous nature.

Dental Waste

The correct disposal of dental waste is vital to ensure your business complies with The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 and the Hazardous Waste Directive 2011.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 stipulates that all producers of waste have a Duty of Care to ensure that the correct and proper management of waste is performed ensuring hazardous waste does not cause pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

Initial Medical provides an extensive range of dental waste containers and disposal services to ensure the correct segregation, storage and disposal of waste is carried out in compliance to the regulations.

For dental waste that contains amalgam, Initial Medical offer a range of waste containers are UN approved and contain an integrated mercury suppressant to limit any potential exposure to mercury vapour. Initial also provide an amalgam separator that prevents amalgam particles entering the sewage system through your waste water.

In many dentists X-Ray machines are common fixtures and produce hazardous waste that needs to be dealt with correctly. Initial Medical provides waste containers for both waste fixer and developer chemicals and lead foils.

Initial Medical’s service offers your clinic or surgery a legally compliant method of dental waste disposal, with new containers supplied on each visit by our trained service technicians. During these visits a hazardous waste consignment note is completed and provided for your records. To find out more about an individually tailored solution to suit your dental waste needs please do get in touch.

Amalgam Separator

Dental Amalgam Separator

Initial Medical’s amalgam separator prevents 99.8% of dental waste amalgam being discharged through waste water ensuring compliance with legislation.

Dental Waste Containers

Dental Waste Containers

dental waste containers ensure the correct segregation, storage and disposal of dental waste is achieved in compliance with legislation.

Dental Gypsum Containers image

Gypsum Containers

Dental study moulds contain gypsum which can produce hydrogen sulphide gas. Gypsum was banned from normal landfill and must go into a separate cell for high sulphate waste.

Mercury Spillage Kit

Mercury Spillage Kit

Initial Medical’s specialist mercury spillage kit is designed specifically to deal safely and easily with mercury spills.

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