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Amalgam Separator for Dental Practices

Amalgam Separator for Dental Practices

Legal compliance with amalgam recovery

Dental amalgam is produced by mixing sliver, tin, zinc and copper powder with up to 50% mercury. Amalgam is used by dentists to fill irregular cavities in teeth as it will harden and remain durable in the mouth.

The Hazardous Waste Directive (91/689/EEC) stipulates that all amalgam waste produced in dental practices must be disposed of without endangering human health and the environment. Amalgam waste is also classified as hazardous under the European Waste Catalogue requirements and must be collected and the mercury recovered.

Amalgam Separator

Key Features

  • 99.8% amalgam particulate is removed
  • BS ISO EN 111:43 Approved
  • Suitable for all types of suction system
  • Retrofittable to existing suction pumps
  • 100% recyclable

During the process of filling the irregular cavities in people’s teeth various size particles of amalgam become discarded and can end up in the waste water stream via the dentist’s suction device.

To prevent this occurring and to ensure your compliance with legislation an amalgam separator must be fitted to prevent any hazardous discharge. Initial Medical amalgam separator removes up to 99.8% of amalgam particulates from your surgeries waste water stream.

The Initial Medical amalgam separator operates on the principle of sedimentation containing no electronics or moving parts. This provides a silent operation and minimal surgery downtime during services.

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