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Clinical Waste Disposal Bins

Clinical Waste Disposal Bins

Colour coded waste segregation

The correct segregation of clinical waste at the point of generation is a critical element in The Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Memorandum (HTM 07-01). The HTM 07-01 outlines a best practice waste segregation colour coding scheme for producers of hazardous waste to follow.

This segregation is vital to ensure that waste is stored, transported, and ultimately disposed of in the correct manner to maintain compliance with clinical waste regulations.

Clinical Waste Colour Coding Guidelines

The HTM 07-01 recommends that all clinical waste disposal bins and bags are colour coded in this method to provide easy identification and that the clinical waste bins are positioned as close to the point of waste generation as possible.

clinical waste disposal bins

Initial Medical’s clinical waste disposal service provides your organisation with best practice colour coded waste disposal bins to suit your individual requirements and includes scheduled waste collections by trained service technician’s to ensure that waste is transported and disposed of in the correct manner and in compliance with legislation.

Key Features

  • Silversafe™ plastic construction kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact
  • Pedal operated to reduce risk of cross infection
  • Colour coded according to HTM 07-01 guidelines

Initial Medical’s clinical waste disposal bins are constructed from a robust anti-bacterial plastic which has a silver antimicrobial thread running throughout the plastic which kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact helping to reduce the risk of cross infection. A simple pedal operation offering a hands free disposal helps to further reduce the risk of cross infection whilst providing a quick and simple means of disposal into the large 45 litre capacity bin.

An integrated odour neutraliser is also included to break down malodours whilst providing a pleasant orange citrus fragrance.

Initial Medical also provides external wheeled clinical waste disposal bins for organisations that produce large quantities of clinical waste. These units are fully lockable to ensure safe storage of your hazardous waste before collection by Initial Medical.

To find out more about Initial Medical’s leading clinical waste disposal services please get in touch.

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