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Healthcare waste services from Initial Medical

Healthcare Waste

Safe, legally compliant waste disposal

We are the experts in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and offensive waste produced by businesses and organisations associated with the provision of healthcare within the UK. The safe management of healthcare waste is vital to ensure your activities are not a risk to human health.

Legislation controlling the safe handling, collection and disposal of healthcare waste is extensive and often confusing. Our waste specialists assess your waste procedures enabling us to provide advice and recommendations to ensure your waste is managed in a safe, efficient and environmentally considerate manner.

Confused about Healthcare Waste colour codes

We supply a range of colour coded clinical waste disposal bins and training on the correct use of these bins to ensure the accurate segregation of healthcare waste is performed at source.

We also provide a wide range of colour coded sharps disposal bins to deal with the different types of sharps waste safely, reducing the risk of injury.

0800 030 4005

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