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Signature Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Powerful, Gentle & Long Lasting

Initial Hygiene's UltraProtect™ hand sanitiser dispenser is an extremely powerful hand sanitiser killing 99.9% of germs.

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Containing a revolutionary germ-beating technology, it provides long-lasting protection against the spread of germs, whilst remaining gentle to hands. Utilising residual anti-microbial technology, the cleanser uses surface tension to create an action that literally rips invisible microbes apart. 100% alcohol-free, it provides a powerful and quick germ-killing solution that is gentle on skin, leaving the natural oils in place with no drying or cracking.

The unique benefits of Initial Hygiene's hand sanitiser can clearly make an immediate and significant impact in many different sectors, including business, leisure, education, healthcare and manufacturing.


  • Kills 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds
  • 6-hour protection on skin
  • 24-hour protection on surfaces
  • Gentle on skin leaving the natural oils in place preventing drying or cracking.

Deadly to bacteria, kind to you

Although deadly to bacteria, Initial Hygiene's sanitising hand solution is harmless to all other living things. It has therefore been approved safe for use in the ‘high need’ environments of healthcare, food production and animal welfare. It has also been Halal accredited and is available in either a gel or foam solution, depending on its intended environment.


UltraProtect Hand Sanitiser

The gel or foam hand sanitiser is dispensed from a robust, reliable, durable and easy to maintain dispenser. This protects the sanitiser from contamination whilst being simple and easy for all to use, providing up to 6-hours protection.

UltraProtect™ is also available in our revolutionary surface wipes, which provide up to 24-hours protection on surfaces such as work tops and keyboards.


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UltraProtect™ Sanitiser Safety Data Sheets

Gel Sanitiser Safety Data Sheet Download
Foam Sanitiser Safety Data Sheet Download
Surface Sanitiser Safety Data Sheet Download

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  • Protection

    Antibacterial surface technology aids in preventing the spread of germs

  • Design

    Seamless design with fewer areas for dirt and bacteria levels to build up

  • Quality

    Robust construction ensures consistent performance even in the most demanding washroom environments

  • Service

    Replenishment of soap performed regularly.

  • Consumables

    Extensive range of sanitisers available depending on your preference