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We offer expert advice and a complete range of floor mat solutions suitable for any purpose.

Indoor and Outdoor Floor Mats

Indoor and Outdoor Floor Mats

Workplace Floor Mats

Choosing the correct floor mats to suit your specific business requirements is essential in helping to protect and prolong the life of your flooring whilst helping to prevent the risk of trips and slips occurring within your workplace. Placing the correct type of floor mats in the right locations means cleaner and less hazardous floors.

Initial Hygiene provides expert advice and offers a comprehensive range of floor mats to suit any purpose. Whether you require floor mats for your reception, industrial workshop, food preparation area or bar, Initial has a solution to suit your every need.

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Importance of Floor Mats

  • Prevents slips and trips
  • Reduces the risk of accident compensation claims
  • Keeps floors more hygienic
  • Minimises wear of flooring
  • Enhances company image

Working with you to understand the usage patterns of your facilities Initial Hygiene offers specialist recommendations to ensure a clean and functional business is presented at all times. High quality floor mats enhance your company image whilst helping to demonstrate an added level of consideration and care for your customers and employees.

Initial Hygiene’s extensive range of textile and non textile floor mats include environmentally friendly entrance mats that prevent unwanted dirt and water entering your premises helping to keep your premises clean and hygienic. We can also provide anti fatigue mats that combat the common issues that long periods of standing can cause.

Initial Hygiene’s range of textile floor mats is available on a fully laundered service ensuring your floors are constantly protected. The selection of non-textile mats is available on a rental basis or an outright purchase.

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